Real Estate Packages

Daytime Photos

BASIC (5 photo) - $98
ESSENTIAL (8 photos) - $150
EXTRA (12 photos) - $220
PREMIUM (18 photos) - $320
Additional photos at $20/photo

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Dusk Photos

BASIC (2 photos) - $80
ESSENTIAL (5 photos) - $200
Additional photos at $45/photo

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Aerial Photos

BASIC (3 photos) - $100
ESSENTIAL (5 photos) - $150
PREMIUM (8 photos) - $230

Additional photos at $35/photo


Real Estate Editing Services

Day-to-Dusk Conversion

Add a little extra WOW-Factor to make your listings stand out online.

$20 each

Virtual Staging

Give potential buyers a feel for an otherwise empty space with realistic virtual staging.


Floorplans & Siteplans

2D Floorplans

1-2 BEDROOM - $65
3-4 BEDROOM - $75
5-6 BEDROOM - $85
*prices will vary for add-ons e.g furniture.

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3D Floorplans

1-2 BEDROOM - $75
3-4 BEDROOM - $85
5-6 BEDROOM - $95



BASIC(footprint, travelways, sheds etc)- $25

DETAILED (all of the above, garden beds, trees, pools, detailed textures) - $35

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Real Estate Videography

Slideshow Video

BASIC - $50

Using a collection of photos from our shoot at the property, we will put together an engaging slideshow which will enhance clickthroughs of your listings.

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Walkthrough Video

PRICE - $200

Show the flow of a home through a Real Estate Walkthrough Video. Make viewers feel as if they are on a tour of the property, from the comfort of their own home.

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Premium Video

BASIC - $280
STANDARD - $300 (agent intro+outro)
PREMIUM - $320 (agent intro+outro+narration)

All premium videos include drone footage and focus on details of the home.


Aerial Video

Standard Aerial Video - $200

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3D Virtual Tours


3D Tour of a standard 1-4 bedroom home, includes all indoor spaces as well as relevant outdoor spaces.



3D tour of a large 5+ bedroom home, includes all indoor spaces as well as relevant outoor spaces.



3D tour of a rural property. Includes all indoor spaces, relevant outdoor spaces as well as important areas, eg paddocks.


Pricing Sheet

Download a detailed digital copy of our pricing sheet at the button below.

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When will we get our photos?

For Real Estate, you will receive an online gallery of your photos anytime throughout the next day, often within 24 hours (Shoots that take place on Friday will be delivered on Monday).

For Portraits, you can expect your photos to be completed within 1-2 weeks of the shoot. I take a lot of pride in the editing as that's where a lot of the magic happens. I will send you a couple of teaser photos a few days after the shoot so you can see what you'll be getting.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in the Hawkesbury area of NSW. I do travel out of area, however a travel fee will incur.

How long does the shoot take?

My average Real Estate Photography shoot is normally completed within an hour, often less. When you include floorplans, it can go a little over that, often by 15-20 minutes. Video shoots can often take 1+ hours themselves, depending on the size of the home and style of video.
It is up to you as the agent whether or not you would like to stick around for a shoot, I always welcome input from the selling agent. If you're happy for me to go about and do my thing, I don't expect you to hang around. We're all busy!

Is GST included in the prices?

No, GST is not included in advertised prices.